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Art.302234 Art. 302234 col.47-3
printed paper hat, leather trimming



The best of both elements: flower and paper for the long awaited summer. Feel its softness, feel the breeze...

Do you know?
In Chinese tradition, people are used to burn incense as well as paper clothings to make offerings to their deceased relatives. Who ever thought of wearable papers for the alives?

Although it is not necessary that people have brought the two ideas together, thanks to those who did the "new print" on our "old paper". For the immense imagination that people have, shall we have King's New Hats one day?

Art. 302249 col.47-3
printed paper bag
Art. 302250 col.47-2
printed paper hat, sinamay trimming
Art. 302251 col.47-4
printed paper hat, sinamay & organza trimming

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