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We aim at delivering quality service on top of nice headwears, our beyond-prompt response and synegitic approach allow us to grow quickly with our customers. We are used to sell customized label headwear to major department stores in US and Europe through our prolonged customers (a.k.a. marketing gurus).

beyond promptness
yes, we do mean beyond-prompt! That's especially meaningful to our European customers who are in a close timezone to us (Hong Kong).

precise decisions
by addressing the importance of information and knowledge flow, you could enjoy less time to, more information for and are well informed of any decisions.

thanks to couriers for their world-wide 2-day delivery; million thanks to real-time Internet delivery! We could thus have submitted and revised a proposal 3 times before our first sample got delivered. You just have to own an email account for that.

discovery and workarounds
are your ready to communicate with us your ideas and concepts? Part of your design/product depends on the availability of components at where you source, but we are competent in working for fix and alternatives when you are in bed.

our mission is to propagate a high customer satisfaction along the supply chain. Of course, all of these are buzzwords if you have not yet tried our service, how about writing to me today?