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About Eternal

Eternal Headwear Company Limited was previously known as Eternal Company. Our former company was established in 1988, we mainly supplied hats and caps made in mainland China; we also dealt with bags that come together as a hat/bag series. During the years, we have nurtured our style of quality and consistency awared.

the new era
Since 01 April 2002, Eternal Headwear Company Limited took over. We are happy to meet more friends from all over the world: Germany, England, US, Australia, Dubai and Canada; trading finished hats as well as unfinished ones and hat trimmings. Sometimes, we find it more interesting in exchanging ideas than the production work: we stimulates each other; one idea triggers another... we really enjoy working in that way.

Recently, we are re-engineering our process in a more computerized manner. The investment is not intended to reduce human factor, but to help focusing and carrying out better decisions.

Thanks to our prolonged customers who buy our way in making hats. For those who are new to us, we hope you will find us a very "human" company!